Revolutionary Irish-America
Ten dollar bond certificate issued during the 1920 fund raising mission in the United States

Ten dollar bond certificate issued during the 1920 fund raising mission in the United States

Ireland, in the early 20th century. It is the dawn of a new age and a new awakening for the Irish  people. Through the Gaelic cultural revival, there is a growing pride in its heritage after centuries of subjugation. The Irish language is in the ascent, with Irish sports, music and dance again taking centre stage. Alongside these cultural changes there is a growing nationalism and desire for political freedom and independence from Britain, many believing the only way to achieve this is through armed revolution.

America, in the early 20th century. It is a time of prosperity and confidence in its nationhood. Irish-America is in the ascent. Early Irish emigrants have achieved much and the Irish have begun to establish themselves in business, politics and the labor movement. The desire to use their growing power in America to support what is happening at home in Ireland is accelerating. Irish-Americans see their support as central to the struggle for independence. Powerful, and sometimes clandestine, forces are at work across America as the century moves towards the decade of war and revolution. What happens in America will be central to the success or failure of the struggle for independence in Ireland.

These are the stories of Revolutionary Irish-America...

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In this 'Stories from 1916' Podcast, we look at the little-known tale of Tommy O'Connor, the IRB Trans-Atlantic courier during Ireland's revolutionary period. Tommy's grandson Tommy Vogt reads extracts from his grandfather's amazing account of his time spent bringing hugely important coded messages and vast sums of money between Clan na Gael in the U.S. and the rebel leaders in Ireland.




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Thomas D. O'Connor:

The Trans-Atlantic Courier

Were it not for the grandchildren of Thomas D. O'Connor, and the amazing research that they uncovered, the story of the Irish Republican Brotherhood's Trans-Atlantic Courier might have been lost to the annals of time. In this short documentary on the life of one of Irish-America's forgotten patriots, his son Tommy and grandchildren, Tommy Vogt and Ellen Eisenstein, recount the amazing journey of their not so famous relative.

Jeremiah o'donovan rossa:

Unconquered & Unconquerable

In this short documentary, Williams Rossa Cole, the great-grandson of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa, discusses his famous relative and his own journey of discovery while making a documentary on one of Ireland's most famous and revered Fenian leaders.