Revolutionary Irish-America

"All of Irish descent are bound together by the ties that come from a common experience...the emerald thread that runs throughout the tapestry of their past, has been the constancy, the endurance, the faith that they displayed through endless centuries of foreign oppression and their mass destruction by poverty, disease and starvation."

-  John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. President

'Revolutionary Irish America: 1913 - 1923' is an online portal dedicated to exploring the role that Irish-America played in the fight for Irish freedom against British rule in the early part of the 20th Century.

Following on from the successful 'Stories from 1916' project, it will highlight the importance of Irish-American organisations and individuals in supporting the Irish Nationalist movement during the 1916 Easter Rising and subsequent War of Independence.

From the early Fenian exiles, such as John Devoy and Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa, to Irish-American political leaders like Judge Daniel Colohan, the role that the Irish in America played in Ireland gaining its independence is all too often overlooked in conversations and historical studies of the time. Without the financial, political and organisational support coming from groups like Clann na Gael and the Friends of Irish Freedom, Ireland could never have hoped to gain its independence.

There are many fascinating stories that make up this wider narrative, and we are excited to bring some of these to life as never before. We will be sharing these stories in many forms, including mini-documentaries, podcasts and articles, and will be engaging with communities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to help us to do so. Watch this space!


"our mission is successful...Ireland has been given her place among the nations by the greatest nation of them all."

β€” Cable sent by Eamon De Valera to acting President of the Irish Republic, Arthur Griffiths, after the U.S. Senate gave its support to Ireland (March 21st, 1920, Chicago)

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